education and experience
2014 - Guest 3D Teacher at Hoejer Design Efterskole
Taught a very short inroduction course in 3D art at Hoejer Design Efterskole as a guest teacher.
Hoejer Design Efterskole

2013-2014 - Freelance Artist for Ubisoft Blue Byte
Freelanced remotely for Ubisoft Blue Byte for 7 months.
Ubisoft Blue Byte

2012-2013 - Junior Environment Artist at Ubisoft Blue Byte
Worked as an environment artist at Ubisoft Blue Byte for 1½ years.
Ubisoft Blue Byte

2011 - Graphics Intern at Ubisoft Blue Byte
Interned at Ubisoft Blue Byte for 3 months.
Ubisoft Blue Byte

2008-2012 - Bachelor of Arts in Computer Graphics
Bachelor degree with focus on CG for films and games.
The Animation Workshop

2010 - The Danish Academy for Digital Interactive Entertainment
Attended the spring 2010 game production as lead CG Artist (modelling/rigging/texturing/lighting/pipeline).

2007 - Courses in Animation and Film
Attended courses in animation and film.
The Schools of Media

2006 - The Drawing Academy
Attended a 28 week classical drawing course.
The Animation Workshop